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GM application

Post  misterducky on Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:37 pm

Location: Los Angeles
Timezone:eastern time

Tell us about yourself: i sometimes like too play sudden attack and i like gun games
maple was very fun.

How many hours are you able to play?: umm i say about only on the weekends and about 1-3 hours.

How do you think you can help the VMS community?: well i can help new comers and make the server less laggy (not saying its a laggy server) and i can help out and do many things,im very pationt and i am a good helper.

Do you have any previous experience as GM?: no i dont, but i really want to become a GM and i can have the expierence to learn to be a GM

How well do you recognize a hacker?: I can tell if someone is a hacker because they can be flying or speed attack and i can notice it quick so i can bann or jail them for what they did.

Please include any other information which you think is necessary: i have been waiting to become a gm and i really want to, i have been playin for about 4 years first i started of with global and then i heard about private servers so i decided to try it out. Thats about it. Thanks ViperMS. i wont beg and beg to become a GM so thanks..

List any members/GMs (in VMS) who supports your application: Vince,Vincent<Cookies,and domo

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