GM application Layout

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GM application Layout

Post  ViperMS on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:06 pm

Before you post an application:
Prior to applying for GM status, you must have at least 1 month of activity on the game, site, or forums.
You must have 20+ posts in the forums, since 50 is a little outrageous. At least act like you care.
These must be NON spam.
Posts that are "lol" and "rofl" are considered spam.
Your posts must contribute to the topic and relate to the subject being discussed.


Tell us about yourself: (Your likes, dislikes, the kind of personality you have.)

How many hours are you able to play?

How do you think you can help the VMS community?

Do you have any previous experience as GM?

How well do you recognize a hacker?

Please include any other information which you think is necessary:

List any members/GMs (in VMS) who supports your application:

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