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GM application

Post  ViperMS on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:05 pm

Alright, so there's this little thing called a GM App. Yeah it's useful and yeah it's nice to get your info out there, but..

What are you all doing?

I'd like to make something clear really quick. This server isn't one for people to see what being a GM is like. If that's what you desire, then I suggest finding another server. If you want to actually help and enjoy the community, as well as be a role model to others playing, then hell yeah post your application.

But my advice is this: Just have fun.

If you show stellar qualities, and outstanding actions in the community, then you'll eventually get noticed for the better, but all of this "SUPPORTS ME" business is only going to make your chances even more slim than before. So just enjoy yourselves here at ViperMS, and make some new friends. :]

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