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Jerrie's APP

Post  Joker on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:51 pm

Name - Jacqueline (My nickname is Jerrie)
IGN Joker
Age 15
Location - Southern California
Timezone - GMT - 8

Tell us about yourself: (Your likes, dislikes, the kind of personality you have.)
- I like to read and write in my free time. I go to school, swim for the Golden Hawks at __ High School, I do community service weekly, and I do all the normal crap anyone my age does. In game, however, I'm probably one of the spazziest, most obnoxious, flabberghasting, (and God forbid) hanus personalities you'll ever meet. D; Okay, TOTALLY kidding. I'm actually pretty nice and I love to help others.

How many hours are you able to play? - Alot. Ask anyone in-game and they'll tell you I'm on pretty often.

How do you think you can help the VMS community? - I will be able to help new players with questions they have about the server, if they have any, and I would host alot of events. I'm also a good callus on rulebreakers/hackers/scammers. Those who do the following will be punished accordingly. Besides being insanely active (do note, however, that I do maintain a life outside of this virtual pixelated world and I do have to multitask while online at times), I am also coherently aware of the rules on the forums as well as in game. I keep cool, calm, and collected during difficult situations and I most definitely can handle the position. This includes dealing with scammers, hackers, and general rule breakers. I strongly believe that if a good group of active and well-knowledged GMs are put together, we can contribute our assets in a way that will rock the virtual world.

Do you have any previous experience as GM? - I have experience as a GM on multiple servers including OblivionMS, OdinMS, and one or two other servers of which the names escape me.


How well do you recognize a hacker? - Very well. Damage hacks/Godmode/Fly hacks are pretty easy to spot, and anyone who seems suspicious will be kept in sight. I have pro stalking skills that will allow me to catch them (':

Extra info - I haven't been on this server for very long, but I believe I'm pretty well known in game. And though I have spent much time here, I still believe I have what it takes to be a Game Master.

List any members/GMs (in VMS) who supports your application:

-Imagination [Eric]
-ViperMS [Drake]
-Mist [Serge]

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Re: Jerrie's APP

Post  Mist on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:20 pm

It would be helpful if you added screen shot of previous GM stats

Full @Support.

-helpful (proven)
-active (proven)
-requirements (set)

As a side note, we have a limit to how much events can be hosted.

Also, for any posters provide "your own" reason.

And Jerrie, great to have you in-game (please dont respond to that as there are rules) -pew pew-

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Re: Jerrie's APP

Post  cheezeboo. on Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:37 am

- You rage at people who quits your guild. (Chris is one of them)
- Instead of HELPING people, you call them "annoying".
- You call ALOT of people dicks.
- You wrote Sumi and Bree's name on your support list when they didn't even support you 1% (I removed their names.)
- You always take it your way in-game.
- I heard that when we're not friends with you, you'll fuck us up.
- The GMs pamper you so that you'll get what you want.

And if any of the GMs are here to stop me, I'd be happy to stop now.
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Re: Jerrie's APP

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