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Post  ViperMS on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:04 pm

KK listen here. If you are going to post in someones moderator/GM application, you better follow these rules OR I will bun you. Putting this in big letters so you people can understand and HOPEFULLY follow...

* You may ONLY reply to a GM application if you are SUPPORTING or NOT SUPPORTING. You must state whether you are supporting or not supporting CLEARLY, or it may be mistaken for some stupid spam and be deleted.
* You must also have AT LEAST 5 posts in the forums that ALSO abide by the general forum rules, which include but is not limited to spamming, saying what others said over again, one word replies, etc.
* You have to have LEGITIMATE REASONS for supporting. No bull crap like "active, helpful, fun to talk to". If the person we're to be chosen to be a GM, it's because they possess something no other has.
* YOU MAY ONLY SUPPORT UP TO 2 PEOPLE. Any more supports on other applications will be deleted. The reason for this being so is because of those nubs who like to support everyone with the same bull crap reasons. HOWEVER, if you truly wish to support someone THAT BADLY, then you better have a damn good reason why you are supporting extra peoples.

Follow these rules along with any other rules you come across, and you will be happy.
Or I will make you happy.
Your choice.

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