ItzOver GM Application .

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ItzOver GM Application .

Post  ItzOver on Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:55 am


Tell us about yourself: I hate most is hackers . they just doesnt hav life . i like to knw more friends and get along with them .

How many hours are you able to play?:Depends on the day . Weekdays i can play 9h to 10h . Weekend can play 16h to 18h

How do you think you can help the VMS community?:i can help them by stopping people from hacking .

Do you have any previous experience as GM?Yes .

How well do you recognize a hacker?As i hate hackers i knw what hacks they hav example god mode , they will not hit by the mob and speed attack of coz they will hit very fast . and i oso knw that some trainers hav a hack is accuracy hack that when u summon a spirit , it can hit more then 1b .

Please include any other information which you think is necessary:nothing

List any members/GMs (in VMS) who supports your application:As i just join i dunno any of the members . but i will try to get more friend in game .


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Re: ItzOver GM Application .

Post  Katharine on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:41 am

Personally, no offence, I think you should be active in the server first before you even apply to be a GM. This will at least give us the perception, you're not just after the GM position in our server. Hence, hope to see you in the game real soon!

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