Toads Application

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Toads Application

Post  Toad on Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:52 am

Name: Todd James Woollard
IGN: Toad
Age: 12 ( Don't judge me. )
Location: United Kingdom , England
Timezone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London ( Greenwich Mean Time )

Tell us about yourself: (Your likes, dislikes, the kind of personality you have.) : Okay so , about me.. Well most of it is above but whatever.. I have a good sense of humor , I can take a joke after being told I can't at school many many times... I like to help people with their problems , Questions And just about anything that needs to be helped. ( I'm sorry but I don't know what else to say , I was going to list music , but i thought ... What's the point . ) I have long hair , I like to sit on my butt all day and play viper. People say " When I was talking to you , I thought you were like .. 14... " It blows my mind...

How many hours are you able to play? : Weekends : 10:00 Am ~ 12:00 AM . Weekdays : 3:00 Pm ~ 10:00PM ( School )

How do you think you can help the VMS community? : I will be able to to help out lots with questions , needs , I will donate monthly as I like to help out the server and I will host events !

I could really help out players/newcomers with questions as I pick up information about the server very quickly...

Hosting events will be easy as I hosted lots of guild events in the server: RydahMs... These will be easier with Game Master powers. ( Sorry this is so short , like the others . )

Do you have any previous experience as GM? : No , which is why I would like to give it a try.. But in other servers I have been seen as a helpful player...

How well do you recognize a hacker? : If i spotted someone suspicous , I would hide and follow him around untill I have evidence and then Take a screen shot and Take action.

Please include any other information which you think is necessary: The Conditions like 30 days play and 20 posts , Don't apply to me. Because me and Drake worked something out.

List any members/GMs (in VMS) who supports your application:.

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Re: Toads Application

Post  ViperMS on Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:50 pm

He gets conditions taken off he doesn't need 20 posts and 1 month play so he meets requirements

( he payed to get conditions off, i am not gonna do this offer for anymore donors )


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