Tiger's APP

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Tiger's APP

Post  asianx32 on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:46 pm

Timezone:EST I don't know

About Me =) :
i might not be the best guy out there but i can tell you guys alot of stuff that im outgoing im active im really nice and i like to play alot of sports like basketball and i enjoy watching basketball on T.V.I Also like to play Ms (Private Server)

Playing Hours =) :
i play alot on the week end here's a list
Weekend or no school :8am~9 or 10 pm
Schools : if i am done with hw i should play about to 9 or 10 pm

How Can i help VMS =) :
I can vote ,add my friend and try to donate and other stuff

How Can i Handle a Hacker =) :

It's pretty easy i'll go in hide and look for people or spy on them and look at there dmg if hit over 10mill~50mill i can tell if they are hacking,they are hacking. Because if you have a msi you should hit under 35k over 40k is a HACKER so it's pretty easy =)

I been gm in NightStarzMs For the first time i been gm ,sorry for no proof but i been a gm in that sever and i learned alot about gm i plays on my friend's account in LighterMs and Pockyms when i said for the first time i ment a charactor of my own so yea.

Other Info About Gm:

I won't abusing my power,displaying or don't follow rule do anything bad

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Re: Tiger's APP

Post  Popter on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:56 pm

Steven, Buddy, man, You need 20 posts, Thast a first, And maybe try helping out a little mroe? I knwo you do help but maybe a little more like push it man Smile

ABout your GM experiense, I have eye witnessed that Steven was a gm on NightStarzMs becasue he made me play it and yes, indeed he was a gm, then the owner banned him for walking around :s

About the hacker thing Steven, I dont really know if you meant by Millions or Like "K" Maybe a few mistakes, I suggest re-reasding your app and fixing any spelling errors,

Note: remember, Take your time when writing a GM app, You want people to be impressed.

Smile @support once all requirements have been met.

@Kikko: man maybe be a little nicer when replying to a GM app? Remeber people put time and effort into these things, If you dont aggree try beeing nice to them while explaining to them, other then just writing FAIL.

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