Aznkillx3's GM Application!

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Aznkillx3's GM Application!

Post  aznkillx3 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:13 pm

Name: Aznkillx3 (Andrew Lee)
Location: NYC,USA
Timezone: Eastern

About ME: Hello, I am Andrew Lee. I like ramen and i love to play music. My dislikes are candy for some reason..... My personality is like a few personalities.

How many hours i can play: Probably around 3-4 hours a day (got school) Razz

How will I help the VMS community: I will help this community by helping noobs and make them into PROS. I will keep the hackers out and I will Make this server BIG by trying to advertise (if i can).

Have i been a Gm in previous servers: No i have not.

How well do I recognize a hacker: I will recognize a hacker IF he/she does unusual things like glitching or flying everywhere x3

Information Necessary: I will try to help this server to become a big one. I will keep this server good and clean!


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Re: Aznkillx3's GM Application!

Post  Popter on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:51 pm

Hey man, Listen, Maybe you should read some of the accepted Apps and see the detail they put into theres. I dont know you persionally but im sure your a great guy Smile

Maybe take a little mroe time to re-edit your post and im SURE you'll get some Supporters Smile
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